Paul Breashears Award

The SCRC recognizes individual Committee members for their contribution to the Republican cause in Saline County by giving a Paul Breashears Award each year. 

This award was established in 2000 in memory of Paul Breashears, who exemplified one of the many “unsung heroes” of the SCRC. A tireless Republican volunteer, he and his wife Tracy serviced the Arkansas Republican Party in a variety of grassroots efforts and had notable leadership roles in planning some of the most successful Lincoln Day Dinners in Saline County history. Paul served as a Deputy Prosecutor for Saline County until he unexpectedly passed away far too soon from leukemia in the spring of 2000.

Each year the award and the hammer are presented to honor a person who has worked behind the scenes for the Saline County Republican Committee with little or no public recognition. The hammer symbolizes building a strong Republican Party in Saline County.

Past Winners

2001 – Sally Ollar

2002 – Logan & Louann Cameron

2003 – Betty English

2004 – Bob Burks

2005 – Barbara & Russell Benton

2006 – Heather Kizer

2007 – Rick Meyer

2008 – Frank & Mary Large

2009 – Ann Clemmer

2010 – Steve McDaniel

2011 – Dr. Carl Matlock

2012 – Kerry Murphy

2013 – Tammy Schmidt

2014 – Susan Allbritton

2015 – Dan Allbritton

2016 – Steve Lux

2017 – Jackie Sherrell

2018 – Drew Martin